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3 Island cruise: Lopud, Šipan, Koločep



The best part about going to bed early is that you wake up naturally early the next morning. We walked down to the port just down the hill from our apartment, Gruz, and waited for the boat. We had signed up for a three island cruise the day before and the boat was scheduled to pick us up just after 9:45am. It finally arrived (a little smaller than the pictures we’d been shown… another tourist trap, one we were partially anticipating). Nonetheless, it was a boat, and nautical looking boat with a deck and a covered area. We picked up other passengers at another port, mostly older women and a couple with a small child. We cruised 45 minutes to the first island, Lopud. We were told a little about the island before we were set loose for the next two hours to explore. Lopud is home to some of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. We first stopped at a bakery and had coffee and some traditional treats (similar to donuts). We explored some cliffs with breathtaking views of the water and other half of the island. There wasn’t much industry on this island, I couldn’t imagine living there full time even though it was beautiful. Where the boat dropped us there was a strip of restaurants and fast food Kebab type places, a little more run down. We took a golf cart to the most beautiful beach in Croatia.

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