adriatic home Blog opens offices in Split and Dubrovnik, one of the world’s leading online accommodation booking websites, has opened permanent offices in Split and Dubrovnik, its regional manager, Goran Plese, said on Tuesday.

He said they had been satisfied with the work of their seasonal offices in the two coastal cities, which resulted in a rise in the number of local partners and the demand for accommodation there, now amounting to 21,000 properties.

He said the decision to open permanent offices in Split and Dubrovnik was made “so that we can continue our efforts also outside of the summer months.”

The Split permanent office is’s 177th office in the world and the permanent office in Dubrovnik, aside from benefiting partners in Croatia, will have a positive impact on business in neighbouring Montenegro, a press release said.

The Split and Dubrovnik region ranks among the most attractive destinations in Croatia and Europe, said, adding that most tourists visiting the two cities this year come from Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US, citing the historical heritage, the food, the beaches, sightseeing and the beautiful landscape as the main reasons for visiting. was founded in 1996 and its website is available in 42 languages, offering accommodation in over 900,000 hotels and elsewhere in over 220 countries.