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Croatian delicious food…



From the spicy sausages of Slavonia to the seafood from Dalmatia, Croatian food and Croatian cuisine are different from one region to another. For a small country such as Croatia, it is unusual to see such a rich culinary tradition, but geographical position and historical events have left an impact on the country’s cuisine and people in Croatia are very proud of this heritage that they nurture and enjoy on a daily basis. Naturally, they are happy to show it to the tourists.

When you travel through Croatia and have a taste of famous Croatian food, you will see how Italians left their knowledge about pasta, the ancient Greeks have thought people in Dalmatia and Istria how to making wine, the Turks who were spreading their empire have brought sarma (mince meat, pork or beef, rolled in cabbage or vine leaves)

A lot of Croatian traditional festivities are directly linked with food, whether it is a religious occasion (like Christmas or Easter or celebrations of the local saints’ day) or a significant moment in someone’s life (like a birth of a child, a baptism, or a wedding). Some of these are private and some public, naturally, but some of these can last for days, for example, Saint Martins’ days or Martinje in Croatian language, which takes place in Slavonia and is celebrated in wine cellars, on family properties after the grapes have been picked and includes a baptism of a young wine, and of course, a lot of delicious Croatian food).

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