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Croatian Minister Releases Tourism Results for First 9 Months…



Croatian Minister of Tourism has announced the results of the tourist season after the first 9 months of 2014. According to the report, there were 4.2% more arrivals in the country, and 2% more overnight stays, compared with the same period last yeaar. Broken down into regions, the capital Zagreb recorded the biggest growth in the country, up 11% in the number of arrivals and overnight stays compared to last year.

In the first nine months of this year, all regions except Kvarner, attained a better tourist traffic compared the same period last year. The best results were recorded in Split region with 2.2 million arrivals (+10.4 percent) and 13.1 million overnight stays (+6 percent), Dubrovnik region with 1.3 million arrivals (+8 percent) and 6 million overnight stays (+4 percent). Total on the Adriatic coast, 4 percent more arrivals and 2 percent more overnight stays compared with last year.

The Kvarner region, in the northern Adriatic, had the worst season of the lot, down 1.5% in arrivals, and down 3% in overnight stays.

The Brits continued to keep coming to Croatia this year in their droves, up 10% from last year, whilst the Germans still remain as Croatia’s largest foreign group of tourists.

Foreign tourists in the nine months achieved growth of 4.5 percent in arrivals (11 million) and 2 percent in overnight stays (64760000). The largest turnover realized by tourists from Germany – 1.9 million arrivals (+2.4 percent) and 15.13 million overnight stays (+2.1 percent), Slovenia – 1.12 million arrivals (+0.7 percent) and 7 , 6 million nights (+2 percent) and Austria – 1 million arrivals (+4.5 percent) and 5.8 million (+3.2 percent). The growth of tourist traffic was recorded by tourists from other major markets, from Italy (+3 per cent of arrivals and overnights 0.5 percent), Slovakia (+2.6 per cent in arrivals and overnight stays), United Kingdom (+10 percent in arrivals and +9 percent in overnight stays) and Hungary (+9 percent in arrivals and overnight stays). Tourist traffic of domestic tourists was also better than last year and recorded 1.1 million arrivals (+0.5 percent) and 6 million overnight stays, which is about 1 percent higher than the same period last year.