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Croatia’s airports record excellent results in 2014



Last year proved an impressive one for the airports of Croatia, with the three main airports, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, all recording an increase in passenger numbers. Zagreb saw just over 2.3 million passengers passing through the airport in 2014; this is an increase of around 5.4 percent over 2013 for the capital. According to news on the website Ex-Yu Aviation this increase in passengers was mainly due to foreign carriers arriving in larger numbers. In 2014 KLM, Eurolot, Air Serbia and FlyDubai all landed at the Croatian capital. There is also news that 2015 could be a positive year for Zagreb with direct flights from Toronto, Canada expected.

The Adriatic destinations of Split and Dubrovnik also had great years, 1.7 million passengers to Split and 1.5 million to Dubrovnik. Split Airport had one of the largest growths in the region with an increase of just over 10 percent compared to 2013. Similar to the capital Split managed to attract foreign airlines, including low-cost airlines such as Wizz Air, Vueling Airlines and Easyjet. Dubrovnik saw an increase in 2014 of around 4.3 percent and this positive trend should continue in 2015 with more airlines showing interest in operating flights.

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