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Dubrovnik – festive holiday spot in the world



Dubrovnik is featured on a list by the Travel Channel of the top ten destinations to visit during the Christmas period. The article asks, “Where are the most festive holiday spots around the world?” and at number five on the list is Dubrovnik. A panel of travel experts compiled the article, which also includes Dublin, New York, Reykjavik and Nuremberg, and they recommend visiting the Christmas Fair in Dubrovnik. “With the 1,000-year-old city festooned with twinkling lights along the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik’s Old Town becomes a scene right out of a storybook,” states the piece.

With Dubrovnik’s tourism industry searching for ways to extend the tourist season outside of the main summer season this kind of publicity will help promote the charms of the city as a festive destination. The City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board have jointly organised the “Dubrovnik Winter Festival” this year which will include a Christmas fair, ice-rink, artificial snow, entertainment program and improved Christmas decorations. The common belief that Dubrovnik is only a summer destination needs to be changed. Even the article in Travel Channel emphasizes the lack of current winter marketing “the Christmas fair in Dubrovnik’s Old Town is one of the lesser-known holiday markets in Europe.” Hopefully international press and an increased effort in organising Christmas events will help to change this attitude. As the Dubrovnik Tourist Board slogan rightly says – Dubrovnik – a city for all seasons.