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Dubrovnik has broken the record of its visits in 2014



According to Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the fabled Croatian city has broken the record of its visits in the last year. Dubrovnik Tourism 2014 results are very impressive, much thanks to successful advertising campaigns on international markets, numerous events featuring globally popular celebrities and the fact that world’s best fantasy series, “The Game of Thrones”, is largely filmed on city’s territory.

In 2014, Dubrovnik was visited by 813 363 foreign visitors, which is an increase of 13% when compared to the year before. Interestingly enough, around 50 000 domestic visitors choose Dubrovnik as their summer destination, which is more or less the same number as in 2013.

Dubrovnik Tourism 2014 report also includes an increase in overnight stays- more than three million of these were registered, which is 9% higher than in the previous year. Private accommodation is also on the rise. A little less than 200 000 people choose this mean of stay, which is a gigantic 38% leap forward when compared to 2013.

According to the report, citizens of United Kingdom are the biggest fans of Dubrovnik, their number being the greatest. Guests arriving from United States of America have risen for approximately 20%, and are followed by Spain (16%), Italy (14%) and Australia (9%).

The report also suggests that Dubrovnik is interesting to people of all ages and generations. For example, visitors between 21 and 30 years of age have risen in number for 21%. Senior guests (60 years and older) note an 8% increase. All other age groups have an average of 10% increase.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board has also noted that a little less than 4000 visitors were celebrating New Year’s Eve in this popular Croatian city, including guests from Portugal, South Korea and USA.

The locals can surely be satisfied with such high popularity of their settlement. Dubrovnik Tourism 2014 is a finished tale with a very nice happy ending. However, there is no time to celebrate, as tourist workers plan to break record again in 2015. They already prepare for the upcoming summer season, which literally starts in less than one half of the year.