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Excellent Results for Dubrovnik Tourism !



In the first 10 months of this year Dubrovnik has recorded 833.224 arrivals or 12% more arrivals than in the same period last year. The majority of arrivals make foreign tourists.

A few days ago Dubrovnik had a historical record of three million overnight stays ! Until the end of October Dubrovnik recorded 3.051,877 overnight stays or even 9% more compared to last year !  

Top-list of countries traditionally led guests from the United Kingdom (16% increase in arrivals and 15% in overnight stays), Germany (7% increase in arrivals and 6% in overnight stays), USA (20% increase in arrivals and 22% in overnight stays), Croatian (an increase of 1% in arrivals and 7% in overnight stays), Sweden (6% increase in arrivals and 4% in overnight stays), Spain (16% increase in arrivals and 12% in overnight stays), Australia (an increase of 9% in arrivals and 12% in overnight stays) and Italy (14% increase in arrivals and 20% in overnight stays).  

Out the total number of tourists, 541.706 guests stayed at 46 hotels in Dubrovnik, which is increase of 6% in hotel accommodation compared to the same period last year.  

Check out this ! … In the private accommodation, in the first 10 months stayed the 188,149 guests which is increase of 37% compared to 2013 !!  

Private owners can be satisfied with occupancy, only during the last month in their rooms and apartments was even 58% more guests compared to same month last year !  

The past month has been great ! Dubrovnik hosted in total 75,589 tourists or 15% more compared the same month last year !  

Only sky is the limit for Dubrovnik tourism …….