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Exploring the city of Kotor, Montenegro



At the end of the Bay of Kotor, the walled city of Kotor is sight to see for Adriatic medieval fortifications with gates, maze-like streets, bastioned walls, and the Great Wall of Kotor circling the hillside protected by a fortress.

The city of Kotor dates back to the time of Christ and there is documentation of a Roman settlement here called Catarum. Kotor was settled by the Illyrians and survived the many powerful regimes over the hundreds of years including: Serbs, Venetians, Russians, French Napoleon Forces, Austrians, Tito’s Yugoslavia and the breakoff from Serbia.

Most of the walled infrastructure and buildings date from the Venetian rule during the 13-17th centuries. Kotor was a strategic port located inside the Bay of Kotor which provided shelter for the fleet and a secured port due to the narrow strait to pass.

In the 17-18th century, the Montenegrins, like Ragusa, were excellent politicians to withstand being at the crossroads of the Eastern Ottoman/Turkish regimes and the Western Venetian/Austrian-Hapsburg regimes. It remained a free city of the Ottoman Empire paying an annual fee.

The most extensive damage to the city occurred throughout 4 earthquakes including the 1667 Dubrovnik earthquake and the the 1979 Montenegro earthquake….

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