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Game of Thrones season five: Dubrovnik walking tour



Global popularity of Dubrovnik has risen immensely thanks to popular HBO TV show – Game of Thrones.
Dubrovnik’s role in the series is significant as it doubled up as King’s Landing in seasons two and three of the show as capital of mythical land of Westeros and home to the Iron Throne, which seven noble families fight for.

If your intention to visit Dubrovnik was even partially inspired by the Game of Thrones, we highly recommend visiting the locations used for scenes…

Read more (Author – Source) : – As they say in the industry – it’s a wrap. Filming in the fictional capital of Westeros – AKA Dubrovnik – for season five of the television fantasy epic Game of Thrones has concluded. Equipment trucks have rolled out of town, cast and production crew have flown home, hundreds of extras have earned their keep (€30 a day) and local furore over one of the more controversial scenes in the forthcoming series (I’ll keep quiet about it for now) has just about subsided.