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Herceg Novi – Coastal Town in Montenegro



Herceg Novi (in translation – “new castle”) is a charming town located at the entrance of lush green, beautifully surrounded by mountains Kotor Bay. It can be a good, more quiet alternative to overcrowded with tourists Croatian towns like Dubrovnik or Split. Tourism in Montenegro is on the rise but Herceg Novi is still not as packed as, for example, other Montenegrin destinations – Budva or Kotor.

Herceg Novi was built as a fortress town on the site of a small village around 600 years ago, in the fourteenth century. 

During high season, in the summer, it’s very easy to reach Herceg Novi from all possible destinations, both by land and sea. 

Herceg Novi is very small, a day or even a couple of hours is enough to walk the old town, admire the scenic landscape of the mouth of Kotor Bay and climb the fortress in Stary Grad (the old town).

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