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Island Lokrum starts the season with a 100% increase in number of visitors !



All the indications are that 2015 will be another bumper year for Dubrovnik’s tourism industry. More flights than ever before will land at Dubrovnik Airport, the Port of Dubrovnik is a “home port” for Thomson Cruises and reams of international media are just some of the signs that this year will be record breaking.

Early figures from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board have shown an increase in tourists visiting at the beginning of the year and as if to emphasize this ticket sale to the island of Lokrum saw a massive increase in April compared to last year.

The island of Lokrum has just released figures on the number of tickets sold in April and a total of 5,350 tickets were sold compared to 2,500 in 2014, this is an increase of 114 percent. Revenue from ticket sales increased by 146 percent, a higher increase as the cost of a ticket rose by 10 Kunas in 2015. The Lokrum Reserve has been a fully self-funded institution for the past six years. Funds are raised from the sale of tickets and the rental of business space on the island, these funds are then used to run the Lokrum Reserve and invest into facilities on the island. The Reserve expects to announce a tender for the reconstruction of the Benedictine Monastery on the island this autumn.

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