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No more crowds from Cruise Ships in Croatia



The number of cruise ships to sail into Croatian waters in the first 9 months of this year was down from the same period last year…

There were 587 foreign cruise ships in Croatia during the first 9 months of year, which is 74 or 11.2% fewer than there were in the same period in 2013, according to statistics from the Central Bureau. As a result the number of passengers on board cruisers to visit Croatia were also down 15.4 % from last year.

In September alone on the Adriatic coNo more crowdsast there were 125 cruisers, which was 6.7% fewer than last September, with the cruisers this year bringing 175,100 passengers, down 5.5% from September 2013. The declining trend in the number of cruisers was steady throughout the year, apart from exceptions in February and April when there were 2% more than the same months the previous year.