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Sick in Croatia? Croatian cures of the alternative kind…



You forgot the most important ones. There are all sorts of tea mixes from plants grown localy, you can get them in any market and a baka will always know what you need. Sage and thyme are a must, with respiratory problems you can get crni sljez tea. Maticnjak and stolisnik local tea mixes are in almost every cupboard. Hot tea with honey is most used, as are the vitamin pumped soups. Also, propolis drops and ”sache”, along with local homemade honey (the one without additives and still alive) are a common boost. Onions are said to pull out whatever is wrong in the system, and it is kind of true. Not sure about the feet though…But putting them around the space or just lighting up some genuine teatree or lavander oil in an aromalamp or making a homemade inhalation, also great.

When having a dry cough, some sugar will be cooked into the milk, making a lolipop in a way. It’s called ”spinano mlijeko”. We all had to have some, if the cough was not a dry one, then juice from half a lemon with a spoon of homemade honey mixed together.

When your immunity drops down, drink lots of lemonade without sugar, 3 glasses a day to keep you hydrated. And do that for about 2 days, while avoiding pasta and pastry’s for that time. There are natural untreated lemons all across Croatian coast, the zest of those can be grated into a yoghurt and is good for the system as well. The first glass of non sugar lemonade is to be taken first thing in the morning, before eating anything or consuming kava. Although, when it’s worse, kava is said to wake us up from the dead.

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