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Slovenia: Europe’s outdoor adventure playground



Slovenia has it all beautiful scenery, great food, fantastic wine, charming towns and unique outdoor experiences. You can hike, climbe to waterfalls, bike through vineyards and had lots of laughs every step of the way…. Welcome…

The central European country of Slovenia packs an adventure-sports punch much greater than its diminutive size would suggest. The north of the country is dominated by towering mountain ranges that provide plentiful challenges for hikers and skiers. In the west, pure alpine streams strengthen as they descend into the valleys, becoming churning white-water rapids, ideal for rafting and the relatively new sport of canyoning. Elsewhere, picturesque lakeside paths provide perfect terrain for cyclists and the lush fields of the Karst are home to a rare breed of white stallion. If you love the outdoors, it’s time you got acquainted with Europe’s adventure playground.

Rafting on the Soča River

The Soča gets off to a rather placid start in a corner of the Trenta Valley before continuing its swift journey south through western Slovenia to the Adriatic Sea. Don a wetsuit and helmet, jump into an inflatable and, after an initially gentle start, prepare for some thrills as the river begins to churn into rapids of grade 2/3+. Alpine in character, the Soča is a unique colour. But is it emerald green, cobalt blue or turquoise? The jury is still out, but your fellow rafters are sure to have their own ideas.

Trips usually lasts between 1½ and 2½ hours, depending on the distance covered and weather; the season is from April to October. If weather conditions allow, you’ll also enjoy stunning views of the Julian Alps along the way, including Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav, towering upwards of 3000 metres above you. Bled-based 3glav Adventures offers the best rafting trips in the region. 

Cycling and mountain biking in Bohinj

The area around Bohinj, an Alpine lake 4km long and about a kilometre across in Triglav National Park, is ideal terrain for both conventional cycling and mountain biking. The road along the lake’s southern shore leading to the Savica Waterfall is picturesque and flat. And the best way to see the nearby traditional villages of Stara Fužina and Studor, with their old-style barns and hayracks, is on two wheels.

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