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Slovenian culinary delights and wines festival



These two annual festivals, traditionally held simultaneously, present the best that Slovenia has to offer in terms of culinary delights and wines. This year’s Culinary Festival will feature, among other things, traditional dishes of Ljubljana as part of the Taste Ljubljana project.

Culinary Festival

Ljubljana’s Culinary Festival presents a selection of Slovenian culinary delights. It is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled ‘Theatre of Flavours’, brings together the country’s most renowned chefs, who create their dishes right in front of the audience’s eyes, while the second part, held under the title of ‘Gallery of Flavours’, features gourmet offerings from various Slovenian restaurants and several hospitality schools. The two parts of the festival are based around and connected by the festival’s main theme.

The theme of this year’s Culinary Festival is ‘Taste Ljubljana’, which is also the title of a successful project run in Ljubljana this year with the aim of reinventing the city’s traditional dishes. In line with the festival’s main theme, the ‘Theatre of Flavours’ will feature Ljubljana’s chefs preparing typical Ljubljana dishes such as Kranjska sausage, boiled beef tongue, frog legs, flying ‘žganci’ (fried chicken drumsticks and wings), and Ljubljana egg dish. Meanwhile, culinary delights such as Ljubljana ‘štrukelj’, Šmarna gora barley stew, ‘pražen krompir’ (Slovenian-style sautéed potatoes), and many others will be available for tasting as part of the ‘Gallery of Flavours’.

Opening hours: 16:00–20:00.

Slovenian Wine Festival

The Slovenian Wine Festival, traditionally held in November, will once again bring together Slovenia’s foremost winegrowers and winemakers as well as a number of winemakers from abroad, who will be offering their wines for tasting. The festival will be accompanied by a programme of educational events, guided tasting sessions, lectures, and workshops.

Slovenian wines are not commonly known in all parts of the world, but thanks to their diversity and excellent flavours they attract a lot of attention wherever they are exhibited. The premium wines presented at the Slovenian Wine Festival are available for tasting to anyone, from connoisseurs, experts, and traders to the general public.

Visitors to the festival include members of the hospitality industry, hotel and restaurant staff members in charge of wines, businessmen, journalists, traders, wine bar owners, winegrowers, winemakers, sommeliers, oenologists, members of winegrowers’ and winemakers’ societies, wine fraternities and other wine-related associations, wine knights and wine queens, and other lovers of fine wines.

Opening hours: 15:00–21:00.

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