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Split – more foreign registered tourists than locals !



We all know that it has been a great year for Split tourism, but one encouraging trend is that it has gone on right until the end of the year.

Official figures for December and the whole of 2014 are just out, and there are some interesting findings…

Overnight stays were not only up 55% in December (21,519), but there were more foreign registered tourists than locals, a reverse of the pattern last year. In all, some 7,253 tourists arrived, up 18%.

December is a quiet month, however, and the real story in the 12-month numbers, where 394,054 tourists visited the city, spending a combined 1,111,379 nights. Gateway to the Islands? No longer!

Tourist arrivals over the year were up 21%.

Get some sleep – 2015 will be even busier !

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