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Ten things you didn’t know about Zagreb



Presented by the Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian capital is the latest trendy destination among Germans seeking warmer weather. So what’s the lure? The Local investigates ten reasons why the Deutsch are flocking to Zagreb.

Germany’s number one holiday destination is – drumroll – Germany.

But more and more Germans, as well as expats located in Germany, are choosing Croatia as their holiday hotspot.

The capital city of Zagreb in particular is a popular destination from Germany. The flight less than two hours, and there are more than 30 direct flights per week. Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Croatia Airlines, Easyjet, Condor, and RyanAir all offer flights linking German cities to Zagreb, so the options are plentiful.

Croatia is now the sixth most popular destination for Germans on holiday and continues to grow in popularity, with 3.3 percent of German travellers choosing the country in 2014. But it’s still a refreshingly unique destination as well, not swamped by the 13.5 percent who went to Spain and 7.8 percent who chose Italy.

Here are ten things you didn’t know about Zagreb – and why you might want to add it to your itinerary.

1. Špica

There’s this funny thing that happens in Zagreb – a funny thing with an unexpected connection to Germany. The Zagrebians adopted the German word “spitze” (tip) to dub their social phenomenon špica. In other words, Saturday mornings are not for sleeping in.

They’re for getting glam and strutting yourself at the markets and getting a coffee downtown. And everyone does it at the exact same time, between 10:00 and 14:00, just on a couple of streets in the city centre. It’s the hub of Zagreb culture. Forget Friday night – Saturday morning is the time to dress it up, grab your shades, and hit the catwalk of Croatia.

2. The home of dragons

Berlin has a bear – but Zagreb’s got dragons. The city is full of reptiles and medieval statues of snakes and dragons abound. Visitors can take walking tours which give the Brothers Grimm a run for their money – rumour has it a cursed snake queen is buried deep down in the tunnels of Zagreb’s medieval mountain fortress, Medvedgrad. Could this be the true Medusa?

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