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Tips what to do in Rovinj, Istria



Rovinj is idyllic Istrian city with a tall bell tower standing over the seaside city like a knight in shining armour.

The fishing port is still active, which is surprising given Rovinj is such a big tourist destination. Its great to see that Rovinj has stayed true to its long history of fishing and many families in the area are still making a living from it. My guess is that those fisherman, love the pastel colours of the city as their backdrop each day. If you’re planning on visiting the picturesque city of Rovinj in Croatia and you want to make the most of your vacation but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading as we’ve composed a list of the top things to see and do in Rovinj. We’ve been busting to share these ideas with you all since our visit. Enjoy!

Visit the Old Town

The first thing you must do on your trip, is wander the cobbled streets of the old town. Beset by the remains of three town gates and remnants of the walls that used to protect this historic city you’ll get to enjoy beautiful architecture that dates as far back as the early 1700’s. There’s a fantastic view from the town bell towers and the small square is a regular tourist hotspot making this an ideal place to start off your holiday. Keep an eye out for Balbi’s Arch, which is the original entry to the town.

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