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Top 10 Wonderful Destinations in Croatia



Found in Central Europe, Croatia is another great country in the Mediterranean. It features a plethora of cultural, historic as well as natural wonders. Check out our list and find your favorite spot.

– Go on a Vacation to Rab

Rab is known since antiquity. Later it was ruled by the Byzantine Empire, Venice and Austria. Therefore the island has a versatile and rich architectural as well as cultural heritage. The air is so clear that people with the respiratory and cardiac problems come here to improve their condition. There are numerous pristine beaches: some of them are hidden in the coves, making the sun bathing and swimming a private experience.

Why to go there?

Lopar Peninsula is known for the best sandy beaches, while Rab Town provides the best cultural activities. A number of restaurants mostly specialize in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine, based on fresh sea food.

Also known as Zlatni Rat in Croatian, the beautiful beach stretches for 530 meters (580 yards) into the warm crystal clear Adriatic Sea. The unique location attracts many vacationers, who can enjoy the sun, warm sea and water sports. The island is a famous windsurfing spot. Due to the winds, Golden Horn’s form constantly slightly changes.

Why to go there?

One of the most unusual beaches – the shape of the coast, protruding into the sea makes it not only a pleasant holiday destination, but is also a treat for an eye!

The beautiful park sprawls around the river Krka, which is the center of and gives the name to the park. The cascading waterfalls are the most popular and famous landmark in Krka. Probably the most exciting thing about the site is that unlike the most parks, that prohibit swimming, here visitors are encouraged to have a dip in the river! Krka is also famous for its rich fauna and flora.

Why to go there?

The diversity of a landscape is astounding: waterfalls, lakes, hiking trails in the forests provide a day long sites and activities. The park has even received a Europe Golden Flower award for the variety of flowers. One of the most exciting ways to visit Krka National Park is by a river boat excursion.

The country is a true jewel in Europe – its wonderful nature and historic heritage are breathtaking. Meanwhile Trogir is a historic town in the Adriatic Sea, established by the Greeks in the 3rd century BC. Its old town is protected by UNESCO and provides astonishing architectural sites from various eras….

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