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Where to go in Croatia during winter ?



For Europeans, Croatia represents one of the most popular summer holiday destinations, usually because they consider it cheaper than Greece. Summer is gone, though, and winter is here so I think we should take a look at some of the sights worth seeing in Croatia during the cold season.

Hot springs and frozen waterfalls

If the beaches are the most popular destinations during the summer, in the winter tourists have other unique sights to see. For example, the lakes of the Plitvice National Park, with marvellous waterfalls that freeze over during wintertime. They are as dreamy and astounding – just like a scene you might expect to see in Frozen. Plitvice Lakes National Park is open all year round, and is a definite must see.

Another fabulous option when visiting during winter in Croatia is one of its hot natural springs – and, of course, its thermal spas built around them. The rates at these resorts are usually excellent off-season, so why not give them a try? Most of the thermal spas in Croatia have been known and used since the Roman times, so you might absorb some history while soaking in their hot waters. These offer luxury accommodation during winter at reasonable prices or extra services thrown in – imagine a session of playing at the top micro gaming casino available online visit while soaking in the hot thermal water… fun huh!

Events and carnivals

Dubrovnik is one of the preferred destinations for locals, and not just them, tourists too. During the New Years season, the city has a mild climate, and if you pair it with some alcohol and happiness, you have a party going on in the streets until dawn.

Also in Dubrovnik in winter is the Saint Blaise festivities. A day in February that is dedicated to Dubrovnik’s patron saint, Saint Blaise, an old man who carries the City in the palm of his hand and whose statues decorate city walls and entrances, This day for the City of Dubrovnik was celebrated for the first time in 972.

Also in Croatia in winter is the Museum Night. A a nationwide event where museums are open long after their usual hours, attracting visitors keen to see and feel culture and history. Entry for all is free and museums usually organize their own special night performances to make your visit even more interesting. Museum Nights is usually organized toward the end of January.

Speaking of January – if you are in Croatia at this time of the year, you might want to attend the Rijeka Carnival – one of the largest carnival festivals in Europe. Concerts, exhibitions, masquerades and parties follow the ceremonial handing over of the city’s keys to the Master of the Carnival, all leading up to a large international masked festival in February.

So, if you only think of Croatia as a beach destination, think again – the country has much more to offer, even during winter.

Have you ever been to Croatia in winter? What would you add to this list?

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